Audi Repair

Audi vehicles are elegant athletes, bringing a premium, refined feeling to any driver’s daily driving. We are the most experienced, local, honest Audi service + repair experts working in Palm Beach County, Florida. We treat our customers with respect and use no-pressure in offering work. All work is explained to the customer, while we offer to fix what is actually needed. We prioritize repairs to meet customers budget. Call us to get started today 561-963-9744

Brake Service & ABS system diagnosis and repairs

We  can diagnose and repair all of your ABS, ESP & SBC needs. Along with performing proper brake and rotor replacement with high quality original equipment manufactured parts. Brake fluid should be serviced every 2 years.   Why do we need to service your brakes? On most European vehicles the rotors, pads and sensors are replaced to together for good reason. Brake rotors have a minimum thickness that is stamped on the rotor. as the brake pads wear down they are constantly polishing the rotor. this causes the rotor to wear also. when you come in for a brake job the rotors are measured to check the thickness. they are most always very close to or at the minimum thickness. the other reason the rotors are replaced is the used rotor is not true, or it is warped since the tolerances are so close. There is not room to machine the rotors to make them true. the sensors are always replaced because they are a one time use. The sensors wear with the brake pad.


Oil and Filter Change
You could change your own oil, but it is better if a professional performs the change to do it properly and use the correct oil and filter, and we won’t strip your drain plug.

We use engine oils that carry Audi specific qualifications in the precise amounts required in your vehicle.

The professionals at Cupelli Automotive only use the oil that is specified by the vehicle manufacturer and an original equipment filter. We reset all maintenance lights and perform a multi point inspection and also include a digital inspection.

Audi Service Palm Beach County


Audi Oil Level Warning

What it looks like when your Audi has lost too much motor oil