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4511 1/2 Lake Worth Rd, Greenacres, FL 33463

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Hi, most of these are about 7-10 seconds of footage(some more), but will help pad our small amount of clips from Don a few weeks ago so we can get more than 60 seconds of content. Just tell me what numbers you want, or don’t want (whatever easiest) and I’ll grab them.

  1. Audi clip $10
  2. BMW fast driving city clip $10
  3. Slow Mo BMW driving clip $10
  4. Fast Road Roof clip $10
  5. Mercedes SUV on country road from drone clip $40
  6. Second Mercedes SUV drone shot closer $69
  7. Audi in the sunlight clip $10
  8. BMW broken down on the side of the road $10
  9. Lexus from the sky $10
  10. VW driving in suburbia clip $16
  11. Rover going through a night forest clip $10
  12. BMW 7 on a morning drive from drone $39
  13. BMW X5 driving in a garage $33 (would not use any of the garage parts- just x5 closeup part)



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